Ghost In A Shell

We leave traces of ourselves in the homes we create, and eventually abandon, while we carry often-painful memories of those places forever inside of us.

The series of black and white photographs explores the boundaries of identity and marks of time, wounds and scars, between humans and home environments.

The subjects are nude and stripped from their material sources of identity so that they interact at their most basic, human and vulnerable level. The abandoned houses, reduced to scarred shells of a former place full of life, still showing signs of faded beauty. This beauty is confronted with the mental or physical wounds we may have experienced in our homes, and which we still carry in us.

In a multi-layered process the photographs of the subjects are physically manipulated, then brought back to the original place where they were taken, so that they start to merge visually into their surrounds as the subject did during his/her own exploration of the spaces. Their identities become intertwined and finite.